As a member of AAUW, you develop friendships and join an organization comprised of dynamic, educated women of diverse ages, occupations, lifestyles and ethnic groups. You have opportunities to network for personal and professional growth.

Membership is open to graduates holding associate or equivalent, baccalaureate, or higher degrees from an accredited college or university and to college students as affiliates. In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There are no barriers to full participation in AAUW on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. Need more information? Attend the informal

New Members: Applicants who join before the end of the calendar year (12/31) pay full annual dues. New members who join from 1/1-3/15 pay half the regular amount. Members joining AAUW after 3/15 pay full annual dues, which covers 15 months’ membership through 6/30 of the following year.

New—$72.00 of your dues is tax deductible—

Know a New Grad? A relative or friend may sponsor a young woman for a free AAUW Member-at-Large membership. The grad may join a state branch by paying their respective dues. Click Give-a-Grad-a-Gift now to introduce someone you know to the benefits of AAUW.

Are you an AAUW Member-at-Large (MAL)? You have already paid your Association dues. For only $28 ($14.00 if joining during Jan-Mar.), you can enjoy full privileges to attend monthly programs and enrichment groups.

Renewing Members: Dues are payable during the April 1 – June 30 renewal period each year. The Branch remits your Association dues by the June 30 deadline. Members renewing after the deadline may experience a delay in receiving the Association Outlook magazine and AUW-NJ Garden Statement and may not meet the deadline for inclusion in the branch Member Directory, and may not receive a September Chrysalis newsletter.

New—$72.00 of your dues is tax deductible—

Want to Join two NJ Branches? Are you torn between the great activities of two branches? Do you go to FL or another warm state for the winter? If so, consider joining two branches. Simply declare one as your home branch; pay all dues there. You join the second branch by remitting only their branch dues or branch and state dues if out-of-state.

Life Members: Association dues are waived. Only the State and Branch dues are owed.

50-Year Members: Free membership.

Student Affiliates: Student affiliates pay an amount set by the Board each year, usually no more than half the regular dues.

Annual Dues 2023-2024

Association Dues (includes subscription to Outlook)

$ 72.00

State Dues (includes subscription to Garden Statement)

$ 10.00

Branch Dues (includes subscription to Chrysalis)

$ 16.00

Total Dues

$ 98.00

Questions? Send an email message to the Membership VP Barbara Davis. To join, fill out this printable application below and return it with your check for $98.00 made payable to AAUW.

Click link here AAUAAUW-Membership-application-form-2022 to print out form, fill out, and mail with your check for $98.00 to:

Membership VP Barbara Davis
60 Lake Shore Drive

Montville, NJ 07045



Contact our Branch Membership VP